Top 5 Team Sports

Team sport

Generally, a team sport involves two or more teams, and they are organized to compete. These teams have a shared objective, which is usually to win, and the team members act towards the shared goal. There are many ways to achieve this objective.


Unlike other sports like tennis or golf, baseball is a team sport. This is not to say that individual players aren’t important in the game. They are, but the players’ contributions are additive.

There are nine players on each team. The team that scores the most runs wins. Players are required to contribute to the team in a variety of ways, including fielding and hitting the ball.

Baseball has been popular in North America for a long time, but the game has spread to other countries as well. Today, teams from around the world compete in various tournaments, including those from Asia and the Caribbean.


Developed by Native American tribes, lacrosse is a contact sport that requires fast and precise movement. The goal is to shoot the ball into the opponents’ goal.

The game is played on a field that is about 60 yards wide and 110 yards long. The field is divided into two areas: the attack area and the defensive area. Each team has a goal that is about 6 feet tall. The goalie is a player who protects the goal and defends against the attack.

Ice hockey

Among the most popular sports in the United States and Canada, ice hockey is played on ice, with two teams of six players on the ice at once. Teams typically have three forwards and three defensemen. The team that scores the most goals wins the game.

Each team has a goaltender. The goaltender wears a mask made of transparent plastic and a helmet attached to his head. The goaltender’s job is to protect the team’s goal from being beaten.


Originally developed in England in the 1890s, netball evolved into a unique sport. Netball is a fast-paced ball sport that requires teamwork and precise passing to achieve a goal. Netball is played by two teams, each consisting of seven players. The team that scores the most goals wins.

Netball is played on a rectangular court with raised goal rings at the ends. Each team is given seven players, who are assigned specific positions on the court.


Regardless of whether you are playing as a fan or a competitor, cricket is a team sport that requires good hand-eye coordination and endurance. A good player must be able to focus for several hours at a time. The sport also requires players to possess good ball-handling skills.

There are several different types of cricket to choose from. Generally, the two most popular formats are test cricket and Twenty20 cricket. These two types are played at international and domestic levels. Both types involve two teams, each with 11 players. The team that scores more runs wins the game.